Summer is coming and with it means protecting our skin from the sun. Did you know the face, neck, and ears account for a third of all skin cancers? And let’s not talk about the signs of aging that comes from too much sun.

One of my favorite ways to get some shade and be sun safe is with a good sun hat. I don’t head outside into the Arizona sun without one -and neither should you.

Now, not all hats are created equal and there are some things to consider when choosing the right hat for the right occasion.

1. Activity

Select a sun hat appropriate for the activity of the day. There are many sun hat styles that are designed to support outdoor sports and leisure.

2. Brim

A 3-inch brim is a good rule of thumb because it will block the sun from your face and ears. A perfect example is the Jeanne Simmons Sun Hat which is for sale online at In fact, from March 25 – March 31, 2017, you can get a FREE one-of-a-kind scarf with any purchase. Check it out here.

Early and later in the day, when the sun is rising and setting you may want to select a larger brim for sun protection.

Another thing to consider is the shape. A brim that curves down provides better protection than a baseball hat that only really protects the top of your head.

3. Color

Sun hats with lighter colors reflect the sun’s heat, while darker colors absorb the sun’s rays. The Jeanne Simmons Sun Hats does a good job of lightening even the color black by weaving it into lighter colors.

4. Material

Look for sun hats that have an UPF of 50+ (Jeanne Simmons Sun Hats have it) because they will block 98% of the damaging UV rays.

Natural materials are also important. Materials such as straw, raffia, cotton, and hemp are breathable, which is perfect for summer and still provide the protection you require.

5. Fit

You want your sun hat to fight perfectly. A tight hat can give you a headache and a loose hat is easy to lose – trust me, I’ve lost plenty. Many hats, including the Jeanne Simmons Sun Hats, are adjustable which makes finding the perfect fit easy.

And remember, just because you are wearing a hat, doesn’t mean you can leave home without your sunblock. The perfect Sun Hat, sunblock, lip tint with a cute pair of sunglasses and not only will you be protected from the sun, you’ll be stylin’ some serious summer style.

Get your local shopping on this weekend in historic downtown Flagstaff and/or in Old Town Cottonwood. It’s going to be a great weekend to get out and about. I’ll see you in town!



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